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I've mentioned my work with Gino, but my life changed with my meeting Ross in Chicago one night. We've had a great friendship & working relationship all through the years. Ross has wide-reaching talents- an artist, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer (both in live concerts for Gino & in the studio).

Ross was responsible for showing my demo to Gino, who hired me when he formed his new band. We were roommates on the road- lots of good times on tour that I think I'll wisely keep to myself. Ross co-wrote with me the song "Where Do We Go From Here", which was recorded for the EWF "I Am" album. This was my first string & horn arrangement for Maurice. It was bumped at the end, once "After the Love Was Gone" was added. It was released in 2003 on "The Promise" album with a few enhancements drum-wise & my solo at the end.

"Ross was responsible for showing my demo to Gino, who hired me when he formed his new band."

Ross had a top 5 single in 1979 with the song "I Just Wanna Stop" for Gino (he wrote himself), which lead to his solo work & more song covers. We co-wrote & co-produced for Barbara Weathers in 1995 with "Some Things are Worth the Wait". He also helped me write the main title song for "If You Only Knew", a movie I scored in 1999. I've also worked for Ross on his projects.

The joy of collaborating on a song you can be proud of is wonderful, but even better when you can do it with a friend. The ride has been good Ross, & we'll do it again soon...

Where Do We Go From Here

Some Things Are Worth the Wait

Ross Vannelli
Ross Vannelli
Musical composer ‧ Gino Vannelli's brother

Ross began playing in bands, arranging, writing and producing at an early age. His success started early as he composed, co-arranged and co-produced multiple songs and albums for his brother Gino Vannelli.

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