Orchestral Compositions

Ride Like The Wind


Bally's Light Show

In the early 90’s, I was approached by Stig Edgren (a wonderful live event producer) for a project. We first met when I was touring with Lou Rawls many years before & later with EWF.

Stig called me & asked if I would be interested in composing & sequencing with synthesizers a 5 minute orchestral piece for Bally’s new outside light show that had just been installed. I jumped at the opportunity…

He told me that the tempo was at 90 bpm; but when we first got together he realized that was too slow – the actual tempo was 180 bpm twice the tempo speed!

Armed with only a Lynn 900 sequencer, I stacked a ton of synth tracks together with the engineering aid of my buddy Jimi Randolph (top engineer & musician). I was able to go there to hear it (along with the light show) when it first opened.